AlpineRoads – Biking In The Alps
This site is in English and is full of information about the Alps written by two gentlemen who clearly like riding and who enjoy the Alps. Their site is full of practical riding information and is well laid out and easy to follow. Both riders are English. I’ve exchanged several pleasant E-mails with Tim, one of the authors. He lives in Austria and has the good fortune to be close at hand to his subject matter. Hence, the real world info in his website.

The Alpine Motorbike Traveler
This site has both an English and German version. The English version is linked here. The site is loaded with all kinds of information pertaining to the Alps. It has a country by country breakdown with key information on a pass by pass basis within each country. There are maps, pictures, and weather info. and a whole lots more. A great Alpine site.

ROADMC- Motorcycle Video Web Experience
When I have an attack of Alpinitous here in the states, especially in winter, I go to this website and watch their on board videos as these guys ride up some of my favorite passes. They were some of the first guys to post good quality video on the web – their Alps ones are from 2001. The Swiss, French and Italian passes are all fun to watch as is the footage from their homeland in Norway. The rest of the site is also helpful. It’s a blessing that the print is in English.

Whitehorse Press
According to their website they have more than 1,500 books, videos, maps, etc. on all kinds of things having to do with motorcycling. As mentioned in my FAQ section they also have John Hermann’s excellent book “Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps & Beyond, 5th Ed.” (Currency Converter)
There are any number of places where you can go on the Internet and find currency conversions. For convenience I’ve shown one below.