The Alpine Motorbike Traveler
This site has both an English and German version. The English version is linked here. The site is loaded with all kinds of information pertaining to the Alps. It has a country by country breakdown with key information on a pass by pass basis within each country. There are maps, pictures, and weather info. and a whole lots more. A great Alpine site. (Currency Converter)
There are any number of places where you can go on the Internet and find currency conversions. For convenience I’ve shown one below.

Motorcycle Express

The owner of this business (Mike Mandell) has been shipping motorcycles over to Europe for more than 35 years. The benefit of working with Mike is that he provides a full set of services including motorcycle shipment, insurance, air travel assistance for the passengers/riders flying to Europe, a full set of all the paperwork required and more. The motorcycles are loaded onto special pallets (no crating required) and carried in the cargo hold of the plane. The riders can fly over on the same plane as passengers. Most of these transports originate out of Canada. A popular option for riders looking to do a tour of 4 weeks or more or looking to leave a bike in Europe to use on a recurring basis. I have been pleased with his services.