If you have a small group that is looking to travel together and would like to have your own special tour, I can act as your personal guide.

My suggestion to anyone looking to organize a small group or customized Alps Tour is to think of my tour dates as “time slots” whereby your group can book a posted 6, 8, 10 or 11 day time slot and then either ride the posted route or let me know if you want to revise it. It is also possible to add or subtract a day or two if you want a 5-day, 9-day tour, etc. We can also ride somewhere completely different during the time slot you book.

If you want the 6-day time slot posted for the June French Loop, but your group would rather ride in the Italian Dolomites – no problem. I am good with where ever your group wants to ride (as long as it’s in the Alps) To me it’s all about the riding and if it’s in the Alps it’s all good.


Customized tours are available in two basic formats:

  • 1) Closed Tour Group – The tour participants are limited to your own exclusive group
  • 2) Open Tour Group – Your group would like to determine the nature of the tour but other non-group participants are  welcome to participate.

Some of the options available under either customized format would be:

  • Follow the routes outlined in my Tours section.
  • Follow the routes outlined in general but amend it to include more 2 and 3 night stays in strategic areas to allow for less point to point riding and more exploratory time.
  • Design a route that incorporates specific areas that your group wants to visit and the length of time you want to spend in each area.
  • Any other creative touring activity that your group would like to consider. I can certainly tell you in short order if it is feasible and/or if I’m the right person to help you.

Pricing for a customized tour depends on the format discussed above.

Closed GroupIf it is format #1 where it is your group exclusively, the price is negotiable based on the size of the group and the complexity of the arrangements. As a general rule the starting price is equivalent to 7 riders (plus any passengers). The reason for this twofold:

  • My tours generally sell out. So it does not make financial sense for me to block out a time slot and take a closed group of 4 or 5 riders when the tour will likely sell out at 7 riders (plus any passengers)
  • Experience has shown that “closed” groups frequently require more planning, logisitic support and direct customer service than the standard posted tours
  • Please contact me with the basic details and I can get back to you quickly with an answer.

Open GroupIf it is format #2 where non-group members can participate AND the group reaches 7 or more participants, core customized groups of five or more get a 10% discount off the normal per person MCC fee.


I frequently assist riders who are unable to line up their vacation dates with my tour dates, looking to do a short tour in a specific location or looking to combine motorcycle touring with another vacation activity such as hiking or cruising. I can help with:

  • Making your motorcycle rental arrangements
  • Making your hotel reservations
  • Sorting out a route that matches your desired pace, daily saddle time preference and tailored to the area(s) you want to ride in.

Pricing for assistance with Self-Guided tours obviously varies based on how much assistance you request/need. On my tour travelers pay for their own expenses and that would be same here. The fee paid to me for Self-Guided assitance generally ranges from 1/3 to 1/2 the fee I normally receive for providing actual guide services.

I am glad to help however I can so please feel free to contact me.