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We ride brand new BMW’s and KTM’s on my tours. These are always current year models, which means they are trouble free. The rental shop has a great service reputation, and they treat my Tour members with the same high level of care that I do. I can also assist non-tour members looking to base in Switzerland with renting a motorcycle from my long-time rental provider. Please see the list below.

The wide variety of bikes available means that you are sure to find a motorcycle that you will enjoy.

The motorcycles are all current year model bikes – so the list is updated every year as new models are introduced. It’s a great way to go for an extended test ride prior to buying a motorcycle back home.  Full insurance is included in the price. Hard or soft luggage can be rented at a small additional charge for those bikes that do not come standard with hard bags. You have a choice of renting with 200 kilometers per day (which works fine if you plan to do some non-motorcycling events during the lay-over days) or unlimited kilometers.


For me convenience is everything. I also want to be at a decent hotel close to the dealer so I can maximize my riding time as opposed to spending precious time commuting back and forth to pickup and drop-off the bike

I have chosen our specific rental shop for several reasons:

  • The dealer provides brand new bikes, with luggage and comprehensive insurance. They have an excellent reputation for service and reliability (plus the owners speak fluent English).
  • The shop is one of the largest in Switzerland with a huge accessory department. Here you can find gear for the tour, for your rides back home or for the important item(s) that you forgot bringing in your rush to hit the road and start riding. 
  • The dealer is right in the city, close to our hotel and easy to get to from the airport, autobahn and train station.
  • Thun is in the heart of some of the best riding in the Alps. This means that whether we are heading out on tour or coming back, we will have great riding right up till the time we park the bikes at our hotel.


NOTE: Both BMW and KTM will be updating their model lineup for 2024 including the new R1300GS, F900GS and more. These update will be available from the rental shop in early 2024. I will update the information below for the 2024 updates as soon as they are available.

The CURRENT YEAR list is usually released by the rental shop in February or March once it determines which new, prior or old models with be available and which ones it will be selling and renting.

      March 2023   (see below)
  Price Per   Exchange   Bonus
  Day   Par With USD   Package
  Swiss Francs   1.09014   + 30%
S 1000 RR 170   185   241
R nine T 138   150   196
K 1600 GTL 170   185   241
K 1600 GT 170   185   241
S 1000 XR 154   168   218
S 1000 R 154   168   218
R 1250 RT 154   168   218
R 1250 RS 154   168   218
R 1250 GS Adventure 154   168   218
R 1250 R 138   150   196
R 18 170   185   241
F 900 R 105   114   149
F 900 XR 105   114   149
F 850 GS 105   114   149
F 850 GS Adventure 105   114   149
F 750 GS 105   114   149
G 310 GS 97   106   137
1290 Super Duke GT 154   168   218
1290 Super Adventure S 154   168   218
1290 Super Duke R 154   168   218
890 Duke 105   114   149
790 Adventure 105   114   149
790 Duke 105   114   149
690 SMC R 105   114   149
390 Adventure 97   106   137
390 Duke 97   106   137
125 Duke 97   106   137


The rental shop provides a special package designed for the multi-day long distance rider – which is us. The Bonus Package is a 30% add-on and includes the following:

  • Unlimited kilometers vs 200 kms/day in the standard rate. The shop says the majority of its renters don’t exceed the 200 km/day average (for example an 11-day tour would be 2,200 kms). Some couples on my tour that elect to take a day or 2 off to sight see will come in near that 200 km/day average. However, 90% of my tours average 225 – 325 kms/day, some a little more – so unlimited kms is a good thing.
  • Side cases for bikes that aren’t sold with them standard. A bike like the BMW R1205RT is sold with side cases so they are included in the rental rate. Bikes like the R1250GS, BMW F900R, KTMs, etc. sell the factory cases as an accessory. That means the cases would have to be rented separately, which adds up.
  • A reduction in the standard damage deductible from 2,000 CHF to 1,000 CHF. There is a damage deductible due at pick-up (this is true for every rental shop, some of which charge 3000 – 5000). If the bike is returned undamaged the entire deposit is refunded. Unfortunately, some rental bikes are returned with damage. It’s Switzerland, so the cost to replace bent and scratched parts adds up quickly. The Bonus Package reduces the deductible due at pick-up and caps your potential out-of-pocket at 1,000 CHF

I always take the Bonus Package and recommend that my Tour Members do too. You can purchase extra km packages and reduced damage insurance separately and also rent the side cases separately, but the Bonus Package is a much more cost-effective way to get these benefits. I’d be glad to answer any questions about the BP or the list in general – feel free to ask.


If you would like more information about each of the BMW and KTM models, click on the web address below. When you are finished at the site, click on the “back” button of your browser to return to MOTO-CHARLIE.



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