Welcome to my website. I provide guided motorcycle tours of the Alps in Europe. We focus on the mountains of Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland.

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I started Alps Tours more than 25 years ago because I love to ride AND I love the Alps. I enjoy sharing more than 35+ years of Alpine riding wanderlust with my Tour members. More than 450 riders have toured with me to date – many are repeat Tour Members.

  • My simple focus has always been on the riding. I was one of the very first tour providers to offer guided “stripped down” tours – no chase vehicles, no extraneous pampering and no fancy tour paraphernalia.
  • With my tours you get personal service with a friendly, relaxed approach, brand new motorcycles, quality hotels, fantastic roads, unbelievable scenery and great comradery all at a tour-on-your-own price.

“I was looking for a tour that was a small group of experienced riders staying at local hotels, eating at local restaurants and all the back/small road riding one could fit into a day. The key ingredient was an experienced tour leader so I could mindlessly enjoy the entire alpine riding experience never looking at a map or thinking about accommodations/meals. This tour met all my expectations.”

Barry B – Ontario Canada

“From the beginning, I knew Charlie was very well organized and a good communicator. During the tour, Charlie’s many years of riding in the Alps were obvious. He knew the roads like he lives there. How he even found some of the roads we drove I don’t know. His ability to remember places, roads, and routes was amazing. If anyone is considering touring in the Alps, I would highly recommend you check out Moto-Charlie.”

Rick R – Minnesota USA

Final Thought – I love the Alps. I love the roads, the mountain views, the food, the culture, and the motorcycle friendly environment. Everyone who rides the Alps knows that it is Motorcycle Heaven. The expression “It doesn’t get any better than this” must have originated on an Alps motorcycle tour.