First of all it’s your trip and your day. So you can decide to ride on your own, or with your friends, or with me. If you want to go on your own or with your friends I’ll be more than happy to spend whatever time it takes each day to give as much, or as little, guidance as you want with your daily route.

We generally have breakfast, pack our gear, and settle our hotel bill such that we are ready to hit the road by 9:00 AM. We stop to gas up anyone who didn’t have a chance to do so the night before. Then off we go.

From Thun it is a matter of minutes before we have fantastic scenery and about a half hour before we hit our first pass.

All our hotels thereafter are located in the mountains or, if lakeside, within minutes of the high country. We stop about every hour to hour and a half, usually at the top of a pass or some other scenic view. Use the time for photo-ops, bathroom breaks, and snack time or just to enjoy the view.

The fact is that some people like to go faster than others and that’s fine. Once we’re on the road heading up the pass the faster riders are welcome to blitz on ahead and wait at the top for the more mild mannered folks.

Motorcycles are able to pass slower moving traffic a lot easier than cars. Bikes are always passing cars, up hill, down hill, in town, just about everywhere that the mobility of the motorcycle allows. But even with cars as part of the group the wait for them to catch up is only a minute or two.

If we’re navigating between towns on the way to a pass we will wait at the corner of a turn-off so that everyone can see where we are heading.

There is a briefing at the start of the day as to the route and we can review it at each break so everyone has a pretty good idea of where we going. In a worse case scenario all the tour guests have my cell phone number, which they can use in the event we truly get separated.

If you want to stop to take a photo feel free to do so. I do. If you’re behind us when you stop we’ll wait or I’ll come back to get you as need be.

I personally ride about mid speed. However, I don’t like to follow anything diesel and I’m not keen on having my scenic Alpine road inhibited by slower moving cars and buses. I tend to pass frequently so as to get a clear road ahead. I’m more than happy to wait at turn-offs, for photo-ops or to slow down after I pass so no one gets left behind.

As mentioned elsewhere in the FAQ section most hotels can be reached in 4 – 6 hours. If it’s a great day we’ll wait till 6:00PM or so to hit the hotel. Dinner is usually between 7:00-7:30PM as many restaurants won’t seat you after 8:00PM.

We have several 2 and 3 night stay-overs depending on the trip. On the second or third day my riding schedule is the same, i.e. out by 9:00AM. If you want to sleep in, walk the town or ride somewhere different feel free to do so. We can either make plans to hook up during the day or meet in the evening for dinner.