The rental shop in Switzerland rents nearly a full line of BMWs  and KTM models that are suitable for touring. Please keep the following in mind:

  • I will help you make all of the motorcycle arrangements.
  • It is not as complicated as it may look. The time it takes to walk into the motorcycle shop, deal with the paperwork and leave with your bike is usually 20 minutes or less.
  • The major rental details about license requirements, deposits and insurance are outlined below. I’ve rented from a number of shops over the years and researched numerous other rental sources. The terms below are pretty much standard operating procedure.



A valid motorcycle driver’s license is required. I highly recommend that you obtain an international driver’s permit (“IDP”). The IDP makes your license easier for everyone to understand who might need to look at it. Austria and Italy both require that your license be understood in those countries and the IDP fits that requirement. TheIDP is available from your local AAA office or national equivalent, is are good for one year and costs approx. $15 for the IDP and $10 for the attached photo.



There are two deposits involved in the motorcycle rental process. #1 is what I call a booking deposit. #2 is an insurance deposit. Both are discussed below.

#1 – A booking deposit of 500 Swiss Francs (approx. $520) is required at the time a motorcycle reservation is made.

This reserves the specific bike you want for you.

This deposit is non-refundable.  A portion of this deposit may be refunded at the discretion of MC depending on how early the cancellation occurs, any costs incurred by MC and other factors.

#2 – An insurance deposit of 1,000 Swiss Francs (approx. $1,040) for bikes up to 125 cc or less, or 2,000 Swiss Francs (approx. $2,080) for bikes of 125cc or bigger is required.

  • This deposit will be refunded to you in full if there is no damage to the bike when returned at the end of the tour.
  • Obviously, if there is damage some, or all, of the deposit may be retained by the motorcycle shop depending on the extent of the damage.


#1 – The booking deposit of 500 Swiss francs is made through Moto-Charlie at the same time you reserve space on the tour. I forward the full 500 CHF to the rental shop when the reservation is secured.

#2 – The insurance deposit must be paid at the time the motorcycle is picked up. You also pay for the motorcycle rental (less the #1 deposit previously remitted) at the time of pick up.  Payment can be made by traveler’s checks or major credit cards (credit cards preferred).



The rates also include collision, comprehensive and third party liability insurance.


Using new bikes helps to ensure reliability and gives you a chance to try the latest models.  Click here for the Motorcycle page.