I consider each trip to be my vacation too. I try and stay at hotels that offer the sort of Alpine ambiance I would expect in Europe, combined with either a great location, a wonderful family host, or incomparable apple strudel.

Some of our hotels are used by other American and European motorcycle groups. Others seldom, if ever, see a motorcyclist.

Most are 3 and 4 star establishments. Someone recently asked me if a 3 star hotel was better than a Holiday Inn here in the states. The answer is way better.

All the hotels are family owned and they take pride in their service. All the hotels we stay at have private bathrooms and a shower/bath in each room. They all have good restaurants, which serve both dinner and a full continental breakfast.

The price range varies from $65 – $130 per night per person (including meals) depending on the rating and the country. As you might expect hotels in Italy and Austria are the least expensive and those in France and Switzerland cost a little more. Every now and then we stay at a 5 star hotel just to enjoy the special view or unique location.

I am always trying new places. On every tour I usually try and stay at least one night at a new hotel. These are usually hotels that I have lunched at before or that someone I know and trust has recommended. The majority of hotels we use are ones that I have stayed at before. If I don’t like them I don’t go back.

A quick word about meals. Potential tour guests frequently ask me if they are free to eat somewhere else other than at the hotel restaurants that we stay at. The answer obviously is yes. The thing to remember is that most restaurants are part of a hotel or guesthouse. That is true even for the restaurants that we lunch and snack at during the day. So if you choose to eat elsewhere other than at our hotel, you’ll probably be swapping one hotel restaurant for another. They’re all pretty good.

Most of our hotels include breakfast and dinner, as part of the price so there is some money to be saved by you with a package deal.

A list of hotel names, addresses, and telephone numbers is provided to each tour member prior to the start of the tour. In addition, most of the hotels have their own website and these addresses are also provided along with the regular contact info. That way you are welcome to check out the hotels ahead of time.