January 2002 marked the beginning of the Euro in Europe. All of the countries that we tour in use the Euro except Switzerland, which continues to use the Swiss Franc. The Euro makes it easy to go from one country to another and to immediately understand the difference in prices from one to another.

I usually go to Europe with my credit cards and approx. $400 in cash. All the hotels accept credit cards, as do most gas stations. I use cash (Euros or Swiss Francs) to pay for my lunch, incidental snacks and the ocassional automated gas pump when there are no manned gas stations available. I convert my cash to local currency as needed. If I run out of cash I go to the bancomat (the ATM). Bancomats are everywhere so there is no danger of running out of cash. The ATM fee charged by my bank here in NH for an international transaction is $5. That’s not cheap but in the scheme of a European vacation it’s small change.