I do not have any brochures. All my tour information is on this website. I’ve tried to organize the information as logically and completely as possible with links to related subjects spread throughout the various web pages. If you don’t see the info that you’re looking for on the website please feel free to contact me with any question big or small.

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If you just want a quick overview of my website this one-minute version will tell you the key facts about my tour offerings.

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You are welcome to read about me at my bio. The year 2017 will be my 19th year of providing organized tours as Moto-Charlie and will mark more than 30 years of Alpine motorcycling experience.


My goal is to provide some big picture structure to the tour by way of securing motorcycles, taking the hassle out of finding good, well located hotels and providing guidance/opinion on the best roads to ride in the region that people have chosen to tour in. The tour members are welcome to utilize that structure to either ride along with me (I ride all day, every day), do their own daily thing or something outside of that if they want to. I will help as much as I can every day throughout the tour with what ever they chose to do. I also try to save them money, usually $600 – $2,600 off of what a total tour cost would be with a big name operator.

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AWESOME AUSTRIA – Ride and See Tour – The riding and sight seeing focus is on Austria with travel through Switzerland and Italy as part of the routing – lots of riding with prime sightseeing options.

  • June 10 – 20, 2017 (11 Days) – Limit 7 Riders – Famous Unique Sightseeing Options Available 

ALPS SELECT Tour focuses on the crème de la crème of the Alps – the Swiss area around Andermatt and the the Dolomite region of northeastern Italy along with some combined R&R (rest and/or riding) in the lakes region at Riva del Garda. The dates are:

  • June 24 – July 4, 2017, (11 Days total) – Limit 7 Riders – 4 Day Flex Extension Available

TOP 10+ focuses on the 10 highest passes in the Alps + 50 to 80 other passes along the way – a pass baggers delight. The TOP 10 are located in France, Italy and Austria so we spend time in all of these countries plus Switzerland. We also combine some routes from the Italian tour by spending time in the Dolomites of northeastern Italy plus the mountains north and west of Lago di Garda. The dates are:

  • September 9 – 22, 2017, 2 loops (14 Days) – Limit 7 Riders


Thun Switzerland. It is just south of Bern in the heart of the Alps. The location is in the mountains, next to stunning alpine lakes and accessible to everywhere in the Alps. Most tours start on a Saturday and everyone is encouraged to arrive at least one day early on Friday. You are obviously welcome to come and stay longer at either the beginning or end of the tour or both.

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You can pick from a full line of BMW motorcycles along with select Honda and KTM motorcycles suitable for touring. They are all current year model bikes, fully ensured and dealer maintained. For motorcycles that do not come standard with side cases hard and/or soft luggage is available for rent for a small additional charge per day.  Other makes and models may available (please e-mail me if you have your mind set on something special).


Everyone on the tour, including me, pays the same cost. I negotiate the best group rate I can get for the motorcycles and hotels. I do not charge a mark-up of any kind. The only money paid to me is the Moto-Charlie fee. It is included in the cost shown for each tour at the Tour Details Page.

Some key things to please keep in mind when considering tour cost:

MY MISSION – BE A LOW COST TOUR PROVIDER I am a professional Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) by training – so I understand numbers and costs. I also have a pretty good idea of what goes into the tour costs of the big tour companies. My tour prices are “All-In” meaning they cover everything. My goal is to essentially provide the same full service tour (minus the luggage van) as the big guys while being hundreds /thousands of dollars cheaper, depending on the length of the tour.

HOTEL COSTS I deliberately utilize a variety of different priced hotels so that my Tour Members get to sample varied Alpine hostelries. Prices range from $65/ night including all meals to $150/night with just breakfast. Tour members appreciate variety and so I keep doing it.

On the other hand – if the tour is comprised of riders who have toured before and they express a preference for all rooms to be 2 star $65/nighters we can do that and reduce the cost even more.

PRIOR TOUR MEMBER DISCOUNT As noted above Tour members pay what I pay directly to the service providers so there is no mark-up of any kind. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that. The only money paid to me is the Moto-Charlie Fee discussed below.  I discount my fee by 20% for any tour member who has toured with with me before. Depending on tour length that equates to approx $300 per person.  I don’t make a lot so I can’t give big discounts but I do appreciate the continued support of previous tour members.  This discount is my way of saying Thank You and paying for some of your food and gas.

MOTO-CHARLIE FEE The Moto-Charlie fee covers all the questions you want (before, during and after the tour), any pre-trip planning, arranging the motorcycle rental, making the hotel reservations and providing daily guidance either by riding with me or by helping to plan a route at the start of the day that gets you to the hotel by nightfall. Any one who has been on my tours will tell you that I love ride all day every day so I’m good to go when you are.

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My tour cost includes EVERYTHING THAT YOU WILL SPEND FOR THE ACTUAL TOUR (excluding gifts, phone calls, side trips, etc). The cost shown by most other tour companies does not. They usually do not include the cost of all your dinners, gas, incidentals or the single room supplement. These costs can come to more than $100 per day person or $1,000 to $1,400 over a 10 to 14 day tour. My estimated tour cost includes theses items and gives you a pretty good idea of the total touring cost.

On my tours you pay for all your own expenses. This way you know exactly what the trip costs and you have some control over what you spend.

I share any motorcycle or hotel discounts I can negotiate with you so your cost for the motorcycle, hotels, food and gas is the same as my cost. The use of estimates below for dinner and incidentals is based on real world, year after year experience.

The tour cost includes:

  • The cost of the motorcycle. By way of example this cost would get you a BMW F800GT or a Honda CBF 1000. There is a large selection of BMW’s plus select Honda’s and KTM’s to choose from. I can price out your particular bike and tour cost for you.
  • The cost of the specific hotels we stay at with breakfast included
  • Dinner is included with the cost of many of our hotels. When not covered by the hotel I include an estimate of $40 a night per person for the food portion of dinner. My experience has been overwhelming that tour members want to select from the menu rather than be locked into pre-arranged menus like they frequently are on all-inclusive tours. Bottled water, beer, wine etc. is extra whether it be an all-inclusive tour or my tour.
  • An estimate of $65 per day for lunch, snacks, and gas, which should be more than enough.



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Hopefully this quick summary will give you an idea about my tours. Please check out the Tour Details or FAQ section for more information.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or thoughts not addressed on this website.