Update November 8, 2018 – All of the major 2019 Season have now been posted. Thanks for looking.



  • They are RIDE focused tours – Yes we stop at the top of most passes and at 2 – 3 special unique places each tour that would be criminal to ignore – but my tours are about the riding
  • The tours have been designed to be LINKED TOGETHER so you can enjoy a short tour or a long tour – Your Choice. Almost all the routing/regions are different and there is minimal downtime between tours (1 day) during which you can ride, sight see or relax at our base in Thun.
  • There are 3 tours offered  in June and 3 in September – These are my 2 favorite months due to less crowds, less cost, better weather and better scenery via snow capped mountains (vs snowless views in July and August)


  • THE FRENCH LOOP – 6 days total, 5 days in France ridng the highest of the high passes in the Alps
  • ALPS SELECT – 11 days total riding in Switzerland and Italy, with a focus on the Italian Dolomites and a pure Italian lakes experience situated at the edge of the Alps at Lago di Garda
  • TOTALLY SWITZERLAND – 6 days all in Switzerland exploring many of the nooks and grannies that make Switzerland the epicenter of the Alps
  • ESSENTIAL ALPS – 8 days, think of it as a slimmed down Alps Select focused on the 2 prime ridng areas in the Alps along with 5 of the TOP 10 highest passes – can be linked to the FRENCH LOOP as part of the TOP 10+ tour
  • AWESOME AUSTRIA – 10 days total, 6 days in Austria exploring the best riding and some of the most famous high Alpine roads in Europe – includes 5 of the TOP 10 highest passes – can be linked to the FRENCH LOOP as part of the TOP 10+ tour
  • TOP 10+ TOUR – one of my most popular tours achored by the FRENCH LOOP with its 5 TOP 10 passes and then linked to either the ESSENTIAL ALPS before or the AWESOME AUSTRIA after (each with the other 5 non-France TOP 10)


2020 Tour Dates:

  • THE FRENCH LOOP / June 13 – 19 (6 days)
  • ALPS SELECT / June 20 – 30  (11 days)
  • TOTALLY SWITZERLAND / July 2 – 7 (6 days)
  • ESSENTIAL ALPS / September 5 – 12  (8 days)
  • FRENCH ALPS LOOP / September 14 – 19 (6 days)
  • AWESOME AUSTRIA / September 21 – 30 (10 days)
  • TOP 10+ TOUR / Your Choice – Link the French Loop with the Essential Alps or Awesome Austria Tour




  1. All of my tours are strictly for experienced riders.
  2. My tours are primarily ride-focused tours with the occasional photo-op moment, which happens frequently given the spectacular Alpine scenery. We stop at the top of most passes, for lunch, gas and special photo opportunities – otherwise we ride.
  3. The tours are based out of Thun Switzerland, which is easily reached from the Zurich airport. Our base is right in the heart of some of the best riding there is and allows for a wide variety of routes through the Swiss, Italian, French and Austrian Alps.
  4. We have access to a wide range of rental motorcycles including an almost full line of BMW and KTM models. I arrange all the motorcycle rentals for my tour members. I can also help book rental motorcycles for non-tour members looking for a Swiss rental provider.
  5. My goal is to provide a quality, personal service, no hassle tour experience at a lower tour-on-your-own cost than the big tour operators. There is no mark-up on motorcycles, hotels, food or gas. Paying directly allows you to control your cost while tailoring the travel arrangements to your particular preference. You save $600 to $2,600, or more, per person compared to the major tour companies.
  6. In exchange for a fixed fee I guide every trip. I also make all the reservations for the motorcycle and hotels. If you want, you can ride with me all day. If you would rather do a self-guided tour and go on your own, we can personalize a route for you at the start of each day.
  7. There is a limit of 7 motorcycles per tour, which keeps the group size small. Small is good for keeping a cohesive pace while riding, for getting through lunch and gas stops in a timely manner and for fostering a close-knit tour group that rides together well on the bike and enjoys each other’s company off the bike.

June 24 – July 4, 2017 – 11 Riding Days
Flex Tour Extension Available (July 5 – 8, 2017)

My “Alps Select” tour picks the crème de la crème of Alpine riding for …. [more]



TOP 10+ (10 HIGHEST PASSES + 50 to 70 More)
September 9 – 22, 2017 – 14 Riding Days
Partial Tour Participation Available

This trip is for people who want a rider’s ride to the highest of the high… [more]



AWESOME AUSTRIA – Ride and See Tour
June 10 – 20, 2017 – 11 Riding Days
Sightseeing Options Available

This is a specialty tour for riders looking to combine lots of riding with lots of sightseeing. … [more]



If you have a small group that is looking to travel together and would like to have your own special tour, I can act as your personal guide… [more]