By “do-it-yourself” I mean that you pay for everything yourself. People ask me if it’s more inconvenient to have to pay on your own compared to the all-inclusive price charged by most major tour groups. THE ANSWER IS NO.

The only thing that you will have to do on my tour that would be covered in an all-inclusive package is to visit the bike shop (which most people like to do anyway) to pick up the bike at the start of the tour, drop it off at the end of the tour and pay for it.

In exchange for that extra effort you can save $750 – $2,600 or more per person.

A side benefit is that each bike is specifically reserved for you in advance. That way you know for sure that the motorcycle that you expect to ride will be there when you are. Every bike is rented to order. If your first choice is not available you’ll know that BEFORE you sign up so that your second choice is one that you’ll be happy with.

Other than the bike rental the daily exercise of paying your bills is the same with Moto-Charlie as it is for the big tour companies.

You have to pay for your daily incidentals (gas, lunch, snacks, etc.) whether you go with the big guys or me.

Most all-inclusive tours include most of your meals (but sometimes not). However, beverages, be it bottled water, beer, wine, coffee, etc. are not part of the all-inclusive price. Neither is the mini-bar in your room. These bills are paid separately by you and are added to your tab during your stay. SO, when you check out of a hotel on an all-inclusive tour you have to settle your beverage bill at the front desk. While you’re there why not pay your hotel bill at the same time. That way you get to see what it really cost to stay there. On my tour that saves you money with no extra hassle.