That’s up to you. Most of our riding is done on twisty two lane mountain roads. We ocassionally use the autobahn for short bursts (10 – 20 minutes) to avoid a congested area or to make up time. If we use the autobahn 3 times a tour for more than a couple of hours total that would be unusual. We obviously need to use the valley roads to get to and from the various mountain passes. Sometimes you can clip along at a pretty good pace on the valley roads but you’ll find more traffic, more trucks, more stop and go in the towns, etc. So, whenever I have a choice I choose the mountain roads.

My tours are for people who like to ride, so we spend the same amount of time in the saddle every day. The riding usually starts at 9AM and goes until 5 – 6 PM. The two main things that will will effect the number of miles per day are:

  • The nature of the roads, i.e. a higher mix of high speed sweepers means more kms
  • The weather – 0bviously you can get more miles in (if you want) on clear dry roads than you can on cold wet roads.

We go over 4 – 6 passes per day and we usually stop at the top of each one to enjoy the views, perhaps have a coffee, use the rest room, etc. We also stop for lunch, the ocassional photo op, a unique sight seeing stop and sometimes just to take a break – so there is plenty of off-bike time during a riding day, but when we ride we ride.

Keep in mind that most our riding is mountain riding. You can be flicking the bike back and forth, doing your best Valentino Rossi impersonation and still only be averaging 40-60km/hr (24-36mph) for several hours at a time. You feel like you going fast but the nature of the road limits your true average speed and daily kms.

Most of the hotels can be reached directly in approx. 4 – 6 hours. That includes pit stops, espresso breaks, and the like. Four hours equates to roughly 120 miles. That way if someone wants to get to the next town, do a little sightseeing, or just relax they’ll have time to do that. A few days have longer hotel to hotel rides but not many.

The routes are designed so that there are always several multiple day stays in the same location so that people can either relax and enjoy the area amenities or go out and do some all day, in-depth exploration of the local roads.

I personally tend to take the in-direct way so as to stay out all day and satiate my appetite for pass after pass. Whatever your preference I’ll make sure that you have a route and distance that suits your pleasure.