Welcome to my new website. I provide guided, personal service, low cost, small group, motorcycle tours of Europe and the Alps including the Alpine regions of Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France and Germany.



“I was looking for a tour that was a small group of experienced riders staying at local hotels, eating at local restaurants and all the back/small road riding one could fit into a day. The key ingredient was an experienced tour leader so I could mindlessly enjoy the entire alpine riding experience never looking at a map or thinking about accommodations/meals. This tour met all my expectations.”

Barry B – Ontario Canada

“FLEX TOURS” are 2 tours in 1 for riders looking for a few days, for 8 – 11 days or a grand 14 – 15 day tour. These are ride-focused tours.

“MOTO TREK” tours are more sightseeing-focused tours. We focus on the riding until we get to our tour region and we use our bikes to travel from our base camp (4 – 5 nights at the same hotel) to the various cultural and riding destinations. Lots of riding available.

2016 tour dates:

2017 tour dates:

Check out the Photo Album, which has dozens of pictures that show the riding, the roads, and the sights.  They are loosely arranged based on the TOP 10+ route. Best viewed using the “Full Screen” mode.


Here are some key things to know when considering my tours:

  1. All of my tours are strictly for experienced riders.
  2. My tours are designed around the “focus” of the riding experience. You can choose a “riding” focused tour where sight seeing is a beautiful inescapable side benefit OR you can choose a “sight seeing” focused tour where the riding is an integral part of the tour and the destinations. Please check out the Tour Summary and Tour Details sections for more specific information about my different tours.
  3. I started Alps Tours 17 years ago. I was one of the very first tour providers to offer guided “stripped down” tours – no chase vehicles, no fancy tour paraphernalia – just a great European adventure vacation, brand new motorcycles, and the same quality hotels and fantastic roads as the big tour operators but with a small, flexible group feel at a tour-on-your-own price.  It appears to be an idea that is catching on. Even some of the big tour companies are doing it now 🙂
  4. The tours are based out of Thun Switzerland. We have access to a wide range of rental motorcycles including an almost full line of BMW and Honda rentals. Our base is right in the heart of some of the best riding there is and allows for a wide variety of routes through the Swiss, Italian, French and Austrian Alps.
  5. In exchange for a fixed fee I guide every trip. I also make all the reservations for the motorcycle and hotels. If you want, you can ride with me all day. If you would rather do a self-guided tour and go on your own, we can personalize a route for you at the start of each day. There is a limit per tour of 7 motorcycles.
  6. The “do-it-yourself” part comes from the fact that you pay directly for the vehicle, the hotels, the meals and other travel expenses. This way there is no mark-up on motorcycles or hotels. You choose the size motorcycle you want and pay no more, no less. If every night you want to have the chef’s special and the best bottle of wine from the cellar go ahead. Or stay in your room and eat baguette and cheese. It’s your choice. Paying directly allows you to control your cost while tailoring the travel arrangements to your particular preference. You save $600 to $2,600 per person compared to the major tour companies.


The FAQ section deals with related topics such as weather, daily riding distance, what to bring, tour materials and a host of other items

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I love the Alps. I love the roads, the mountain views, the food, the culture, and the motorcycle friendly environment. Everyone who rides the Alps knows that it is Motorcycle Heaven. The expression “It doesn’t get any better than this” must have originated on an alpine motorcycle trip.